Alone in the Dark PS3 not delayed after all

Written by Joe Martin

September 7, 2007 | 13:08

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Part of being an adult is being able to admit when you have made a mistake, but the other part is being able to pin your mistakes on somebody else. Well, at least we can get the first bit right.

In an official response to yesterdays news item about a delay of the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark Atari has revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of the game will not be delayed after all.

Well, strictly it will be delayed like the other platforms. It just won't be delayed any more than the Xbox 360 or PC versions of the game. All versions of the game now have an official release date of 'sometime before March 2008'. Got to love how specific that date is.

In a response to the news originally posted on Eurogamer, Atari admitted to making a mistake when it said that the Xbox 360 and PC version would be the "first to be released". The statement was apparently based on the publisher's launch schedule, which didn't have the PS3 version on it at all - by mistake.

So, wipe the delay from your mind. It never happened, the release schedule was released as planned and Atari...was never here. Or something.

When the delay was announced yesterday it didn't surprise us very much. Just another PS3 game delay, right? That was certainly the reaction on the forums. Now it turns out to be a mistake on Atari's side still isn't a surprise. Atari lost over $70 million this year, so they aren't exactly a reliable bet right now.

Hopefully Alone in the Dark will be a chance for Atari to restore itself. Preliminary opinion is certainly favourable for the game, which is taking a new sandbox approach to the series.

What do you reckon to Alone in the Dark, both the new and the old versions of the game? Let us know in the forums.
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