Alpha Colony misses Kickstarter goal by $28

Written by David Hing

December 5, 2012 | 07:54

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Alpha Colony has missed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 by a mere $28. By Kickstarter's strict all or nothing rules, this means the game will not see a penny of funding.

Developer DreamQuest had already failed to fund a Kickstarter last year when they originally were trying to raise $500,000, although that time around they managed to raise just over $100,000.

According to lead designer and lead programmer Christopher Williamson, the team is not giving up on the game and they intend to find another way of funding it, which could involve trying to go through Kickstarter again.

'In the end, it is perhaps for the best. To be committed to deliver our dream game under-funded, under-staffed and leaving us all broke would have been even more heartbreaking than not funding at all,' said Williamson.

A statement from DreamQuest says that Williamson has been trying to build Alpha Colony for approximately 14 years.

'For now, our team needs to feed our families, so we are going to focus our efforts on projects with more immediate demand and financial rewards,' the studio says in the statement.

Alpha Colony was planned as a family friendly strategy sim featuring building, trading and exploration and was being developed for multiple platforms with a release date of next summer. Williamson states that the team has already invested more than $60,000 of their own money and 10 months of development into the project.
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