Analysts urge Sony to drop PS3 price

Written by Joe Martin

October 8, 2008 | 10:04

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The prohibitively high price of the PlayStation 3 is going to be a real barrier for Sony this Christmas, according to analysts from EDAAR who are advising the console-maker to strongly consider a price cut this quarter.

According to EDAAR analyst Jesse Divinich, who spoke to about the matter, even top-quality software like LittleBigPlanet may not help Sony to shift consoles this Christmas thanks to fierce competition.

While the Wii is still selling very well thanks to massive appeal, with Wii Fit still regularly in and out of the UK Games Chart, Microsoft will be pinning a lot of hope on Gears of War matter what we thought of it in our latest hands-on preview.

"We still urge Sony to consider a possible hardware price cut this holiday season," said Divnich.

"We should note that if Microsoft’s first-party titles perform significantly better in quality and popularity than Sony’s this holiday season, we could begin to see a considerable amount of potential PS3 owners, who may be waiting for a PS3 price cut, to choose the Xbox 360 over the PS3."

"[The USD 399 price point is simply too steep to entice the casual and mainstream markets, regardless of how great Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet may be," he stated.

Microsoft of course is still suffering fallout from the hardware concerns many people have with the Xbox 360 (Damn you, RROD!), but has addressed this with several price cuts and extended warranties.

Which platform do you think will do the best this Christmas? Call us biased, but between Fallout 3, Left4Dead and continued Spore sales we think the PC has a chance still. Give us your thoughts in the forums.
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