Carmack to do regular iPhone games

Written by Joe Martin

August 14, 2009 | 14:03

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Speaking at QuakeCon, id boss John Carmack has said that he's hoping to put out a new iPhone game every other month soon, expanding on existing id Software franchises and bolstering current games with new features.

Already Carmack has got some of id's most well-known franchises established on the platform, including Wolfenstein 3D Classic, Wolfenstein RPG and a new Doom game. Going forward he wants to bring more and more id Software titles to the App Store.

Planned titles apparently include Doom Classic, complete with WiFi multiplayer, and an iPhone version of Quake 2. Carmack even reckons that a port of Doom 3 is within his reach.

Speaking to Kotaku, Carmack also mentioned bringing new features to existing id Software games on the iPhone - how does support for user-created levels in Wolfenstein 3D Classic sound?

Carmack also made mention of a new title he's thinking about that will be based on upcoming apocalyptic shooter, Rage. Planned as a racing game, the iPhone version will tie in to events in the full game somehow.

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