Double Fine salvages accidental iOS title release

Written by David Hing

September 11, 2012 | 10:05

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Double Fine has turned the accidental release of its first mobile title, Middle Manager of Justice, into an impromptu beta test.

The studio took to its forums to explain that the game was in an unfinished state and encourage any of the players that had already picked the title up to share any feedback they might have.

'If people find bugs that we haven't found internally, I'd love to know about them so I can fix them,' Middle Manager of Justice project lead Kee Chi told Gamasutra. 'If anything, I welcome these suggestions from people, because we're still learning and we plan to work on this well after it goes live to make the game deeper, and luckily this means we'll get an early start on that process.'

The mobile title accidentally went live in all territories on the Apple Appstore last week. The false start came about due to a tentative September release being selected when the game was going through the submission process. The intended release date subsequently got pushed back during the development process and the studio did not realise that the September release was still in effect.

'It wasn't what I wanted the world to see quite yet,' added Chi. 'At Double Fine, we pride ourselves on putting a solid product out there, so having something out there that was buggy and not quite ready yet was really frustrating.'

Middle Manager of Justice has since been pulled from the Appstore and will see its actual launch take place in the next few weeks. It will take the form of a free-to-play management sim tasking you with building and maintaining a team of superheroes.
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