E3: Watch Dogs has iPad and console crossplay

Written by Joe Martin

June 6, 2012 | 09:59

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Companies: #ubisoft

Ubisoft has demonstrated a new 'cross play' feature for the newly announced Watch Dogs at E3, allowing players to interact with the world on mobile devices at the same time as playing on PC or console.

The Montreal-based team showcased the feature to Destuctoid, using an iPad to pull up isometric maps of the same areas they explored on a console.

Then, when moving to hack into devices within the game, in-game information appeared within the mobile app where it could be flicked through without slowing the flow of the game.

The Watch Dogs app has social functionality too, apparently, with players able to remotely observe what friends are doing in their games.

According to the demonstration, if your friend grants you permission then you can even use the mobile app to interact with their game too. An example was shown wherein the mobile app was used to interfere with traffic signals in another game, creating a pileup which could be used for cover in a gunfight.

Ubisoft has not confirmed the feature for any specific platforms, nor announced a release date for the full game. You can check out the trailer below though, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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