New 3D Doom 3 spin-off coming to iPhone

Written by Joe Martin

June 11, 2009 | 12:46

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John Carmack, id Software founder and technical know-it-all, has announced that he's currently working on bringing a Doom 3 spin-off to the iPhone within the next few weeks, as well as a version of Classic Doom.

Dubbed Doom: Resurrection, the iPhone game will be a spin-off story to the original Doom 3 and will again put players on the UAC Mars station. It'll use down-sampled artwork taken directly from Doom 3 and will use a tilt-based aiming system rather than a tap-based design according to Gamasutra.

Said to run at a solid 30 FPS and provide around five hours of solid gameplay, the game will also have a host of new iPhone 3.0 features that'll unlock when the new firmware becomes available.

Despite the solid framerate and promising graphics though, Carmack has said that the iPhone is being held back a bit by the software and OS inefficiencies.

"If you look at it in raw hardware horsepower, the iPhone should be better in performance than the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable," he told VentureBeat. "But the truth is, you can't exploit it all because of software inefficiencies."

Carmack says he's soon to meet with Apple in person and talk about how the iPhone software could be optimised in the future though - another sign that Apple is increasingly pushing the iPhone as a gaming platform.

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