Arkham City DLC plans confirmed

Written by Clive Webster

July 23, 2011 | 10:36

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In an interview with ComicBooked, voice actor Kevin Conroy has revealed a few details about the forthcoming Batman game, Arkham City, including the existence of future downloadable content.

While the interviewer didn’t get anywhere with a blunt question about what we could expect from the new game, Conroy opened up when asked a slightly softer, more open question about what he would be up to in the near future.

'Gaming is a big, new thing,' says Conroy. 'The thing about Arkham City is that it’s going to be an ongoing game. You’re going to be able to download future episodes of it, so it’s going to be going on for quite a while.

Kevin Conroy has played Batman, in either animated or game form, for 20 years now, eclipsing Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and even Adam West with his longevity.

Batman: Arkham City is currently set for release on 21 October on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You'll find the latest trailer for the game below, but in the meantime tell us whether you’re looking forward to seeing a regularly updated city in the forums.

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