Army of Two dev defends American-ness

Written by Joe Martin

March 17, 2008 | 09:22

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Army of Two, the new co-op shooter from EA, has been accused of being a bit too American by a number of people. It's an odd complaint to have perhaps, but many critics and gamers have voiced a disapproval of the whole

In an interview with the Winnipeg Sun however, the design team has disputed any kind of pro-America content and have pointed out that the game was made by a team of French Canadians in EA's Montreal Studio.

Alain Tascan, General Manager for EA Montreal, went on to address some of the criticism that the game had suffered:

"If Army Of Two causes some gamers to Google "private military contractors" or touches off debates about the role of mercenaries in real-world war zones, that's not such a bad thing," says Tascan.

"It's not the goal of the game (to educate people), because it's entertainment," Tascan continued. "But if they learn a little bit more about it like we learned about it, it might open their eyes a little bit."

What do you think? Is Army of Two a decent edutainment game, or just Canadian-made American propaganda? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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