Avoid the new Quake 4 patch

Written by Wil Harris

March 29, 2006 | 11:43

Tags: #11 #monitor #patch #quake-4 #widescreen

Companies: #id-software

Despite releasing the latest 1.1 patch out of beta, it turns out that id Software is asking some people not to install the new Quake 4 update.

The 1.1 patch fixes many issues with multiplayer, including adding voice chat and tweaking some of the modes and settings. It also adds four new levels for online play.

However, it has the unfortunate side-effect of breaking widescreen modes on some machines. In fact, id has gone so far as to say that that not only will the patch break widescreen modes, it could actually break your actual monitor, presumably by feeding it a bunch of resolutions and speeds that it can't handle and causing the electronics inside to have a bit of a mare.

Although that sounds a bit weird to us.

There will be a re-release of the patch in the next month or so, we're told. So, widescreen boys and girls, sit tight - and don't touch that monitor setting!

Have you had any experience with the 1.1 patch? Are you one of the few people who appear to be playing Q4 online? Let us know over in the forum.
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