Battlefield: Bad Company DLC released this week

Written by Joe Martin

August 5, 2008 | 12:49

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There's been a lot of worry about EA's first proper console outing for the Battlefield franchise, mainly over the notion that EA would be using microtransactions to charge users to use some weapons in the game. It's interesting to note then that not only have the dreaded microtransactions not come about, but now the game is getting a substantial upgrade for free.

Battlefield: Bad Company, which we reviewed not too long ago for the Xbox 360 and which we thought was surprisingly good, will be getting a free update on Thursday which will add the much-loved Conquest mode to the repertoire of the console shooter.

Conquest mode has proved to be one of the most popular game modes in the series for Battlefield fans, so developer DICE has seen that the multiplayer mode is represented in the new game.

Speaking to DICE's Jamie Keen a while back, the developer was clear that the move to add Conquest for free was being done to make sure that hardcore Battlefield fans are comfortable with the newest game - the first original game in the franchise to launch directly and exclusively to consoles.

"We’ve listened to the customers and the community is really important to us. We really want to maintain that two-way dialogue with our fans," said Keen in our Battlefield: Bad Company interview.

"So, we’re not going to be doing anything – I mean, we’re giving Conquest away as free downloadable content later on. The weapons are now going to be free – we just hope that the fans see that we’re listening to them."

Conquest will be playable on all Battlefield: Bad Company maps and will be downloadable on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace on August 7th. Tell us what you think about it over in the forums.
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