New Battlefield titled Battlefield 1, takes place in alternate reality WW1

Written by Jake Tucker

May 6, 2016 | 22:55

Tags: #battlefield #fps

Companies: #dice #ea #electronic-arts

The newest installment of EA's Battlefield series has been announced, and instead of SERIOUS WARFARE or COPS AND ROBBERS WITH ALSO SOME WARFARE, instead we're taking a trip to an alternate history version of World War 1.

It's got a silly name, too. Battlefield 1 to be precise. I guess the original Battlefield was 1942 so there's not brand confusion there but 1? It was bad when the Xbox One did it, and it's bad now.

The trailer though? It looks great. There's horses, tanks, trenches and even zeppelins - lots of new stuff that could freshen up the Battlefield experience that was feeling a little stale towards the end of 4's DLC packs.

There's no gameplay there, but as a mood board for things you'll be shooting at and shooting with it's pretty appealing, even with that White Stripes cover that is not period appropriate. It looks like a thing I'd enjoy though, as a former series fanboy that kind of lost interest with Hardline. Will this one go back to the glory days or just let me down again?

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