Battlefield 2 patch withdrawn

Written by Geoff Richards

July 11, 2005 | 09:47

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Experiencing problems with Battlefield 2? You're not the only ones. Unfortunately, in releasing the v1.01 patch designed to solve many of the existing bugs, the developer DICE accidentally made things worse for thousands of gamers.

The new patch has causes memory leakage on some systems, and in a commendable if rather irregular move, EA have official withdrawn the problem patch. Here is the offical bulletin:

First off, a HUGE thanks to all of you who emailed me in regards to the memory leak found in the update we released earlier this week (v1.01). Your emails found their way to our production team and they’re in the process of evaluating what needs to be done in order to get this fixed. In the meantime, and since the 1.01 update is causing memory leakage on some systems, we recommend that you reinstall the game and NOT the v1.01 update we released earlier this week.

Reinstalling Battlefield 2 will not affect your in-game medals or ranked server statistics. EA and DICE are committed to getting a fix for v1.01 as soon as we possibly can and will continue to keep you informed through this web space in the coming days.

In the past, gamers might have been forced to suffer in silence and pray for the next patch. However, being an online game, the success of Battlefield 2 relies heavily on a contented userbase; indeed, its sales success so far is based on the phenomenal popularity of the original game.

We're confident the codies at DICE are working day & night to get this problem fixed. Let's hope v1.01 Mk II spends a suitable amount of time in QA this time.

If you want to vent your spleen about EA, you can log your feedback in News Discussion. If you're having problems with the game or the patch, drop by our Gaming Forum and hopefully the regulars can help.
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