BioWare working on KOTOR MMO?

Written by Joe Martin

October 23, 2007 | 13:33

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This is only a rumour right now so don't go taking it all too seriously, but it's possible that BioWare, which was recently bought up by EA, is working on a new massively multiplayer game to be based around the Knights of the Old Republic franchise.

Tantalising, no?

The rumour was started by Primotech, who cite a source close to the developer as dropping them the hint that BioWare is working on a KOTOR MMO.

Primotech reckons that the MMO will be out on shelves by 2009 and that the game will be built on the Steambase engine, which Bioware picked up the rights to a while back.

The idea of a KOTOR MMO seems fairly logical. The game was hugely successful and spawned a sequel as well as gathering considerable critical acclaim. It's been known for a while that BioWare is hard at work on a new MMO, though the setting has been unknown.

Since BioWare has been bought up by EA recently though, there is a fair bit of speculation that the move has been forced down on BioWare by their new overlords benefactors, or that the EA will control the direction of the game.

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