Bizzare Creations talks about PGR4 disc space

Written by Joe Martin

August 2, 2007 | 09:39

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Things happen fast in the gaming world. One minute it may be that Sony is top of the pile with the best-selling PlayStation 2; the next and Nintendo may be lord of the living room with the family-pleasing Wii. If you want another example, then just look at Bizarre Creations, developer for Project Gotham Racing 4.

Just yesterday, Project Gotham Racing 4 was in the news because of rumours that some of the content, specifically the day and night lighting cycles, had been removed from the game because of disc space restrictions.

Sony was quick to gloat, claiming that it never would have been a problem for the Blu-ray ready PlayStation 3.

Today however, Bizarre Creations is claiming that the the DVD format was not the reason for the cut.

The rumour originally started when a PGR4 staff member posted on the official PGR4 forum and explicitly said that "It [day and night cycles] was a problem fitting all this data onto a single DVD. So we've worked around the problem by providing different lighting models per city."

Soon enough, the forums were alight with outrage that the DVD format may be holding back game development.

In a new post though, Bizarre Creations is blaming the fans for grasping the wrong end of the stick. Apparently DVD space is not an issue at all.

"DVD size is absolutely not a factor that we consider when designing our games... and PGR4 is no exception. DVD9 gives us more than we need to create a fabulous experience for you guys."

However, as Kotaku mentions, the post only talks about the process of 'designing' the game - not the actual development process of creating the game.

The post goes on to say that the cut was made because of insufficient developer time and resource problems, not because of the DVD format. Bizarre decided to focus on implementing a dynamic weather system rather than day and night cycles.

Is all this media spin making you see red, or is this most likely a simple miscommunication? Share your thoughts in the forums.
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