Get your face in B&W 2

Written by Geoff Richards

June 10, 2005 | 16:51

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Companies: #lionhead

Want to be preserved forever, in digital form? Lionhead, the makers of Black & White and Fable are offering one lucky winner the chance to have their face included in Black & White 2 as one of the Greek characters.

Somewhat overbilled as "the competition of a lifetime and your chance to influence the future of videogames forever!", entrants are required to demonstrate that they are more excited that anyone else about Black & White 2, whether it's dressing up like an ape and stomping on a bunch of nearby villagers, or donning a cow costume and throwing faeces around. Or maybe just make a sign or shoot a short video like the website suggests.

If you need further inspriration for an entry, try downloading the Black & White version of the famous Sailor Song, as sung by Peter Molyneux & co back in March 2001. You can even sing along, as the lyrics are included. I would suggest you'd need to do somewhat better to win this year though.

You can read all the details on the Black & White 2 website and entries must be received by Monday 20th June 2005 10:00 AM GMT.

Here are some screenshots of the game to get you inspired:

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