Rumour: Michael Beihn confirms Blood Dragon 2

Written by Jake Tucker

May 21, 2016 | 16:58

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I once described Blood Dragon as the saviour of video games. I was being hyperbolic but the idea of a sequel to the futuristic shoot-em-up has me salivating. This one isn't confirmed yet, but there's news filtering out that Michael Beihn confirmed Blood Dragon 2 during a UK comic. convention

Far Cry: Blood Dragon was an April fools joke made real, a slice of 80's inspired blasting that took all of Far Cry 3's mechanics and put a more actiony spin on them. Far Cry 3's sniper rifle? In Blood Dragon it shoots bullets that explode. There's no fall damage, no boring crafting (all crafting results in things that explode or otherwise) and generally it's just all the fun of a Far Cry without any of the upkeep.

There are also giant Komodo Dragons that shoot lasers out of their eyes. It's mad.

At a show today, Michael Beihn, voice of the first games protagonist Rex Power Colt (no kidding) confirmed that he'd been in the studio recording dialogue for a Blood Dragon sequel, although he didn't talk about what form that might take. Because we're apparently all getting our news from tweets this week, here's the exchange.

Rumour: Michael Beihn confirms Blood Dragon 2 Michael Beihn confirms Blood Dragon 2 at UK comic convention

Again, that's not an official source, I'm just so excited I had to let you guys know. For flavour, here's a Blood Dragon live-action trailer, so you can feel the vibe.

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