Gamers gasp as booth babes banned

Written by Wil Harris

January 25, 2006 | 11:41

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Oh dear. We like to remain an equal opportunities news reporting outfit here at bit-tech towers, but we're just a bunch of guys at heart. We've been blasted for being a little female-exploitative in the past - but sometimes, when we get a story that makes us sad in our hearts, we just have to run it.

You will all, no doubt, be familiar with the E3 games convention. Held in Los Angeles every summer, it's a showcase for the best and brightest in the gaming industry. This year, it will play host to the Nintendo Revolution and the PS3, which should make for an entertaining show.

Of course, E3 is legendary for the large amount of attractive female models hired by games companies to promote their games. Well, this year, they're going to have to think again: any girls in skimpy outfits are going to resort in a $5000 fine for the offending games company.

According to reports, there always has been a 'dress code' at E3 - but it's never been enforced strictly. Well, with the games industry under the spotlight for perceived failings, it seems like the organisers of this year's show are keen to portray it as a serious, business to business event.

Which makes for rather less fun for the rest of us. Ho hum. You can mourn the loss of a gaming tradition over in our forum.
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