British Army salutes 'PlayStation generation'

Written by Joe Martin

November 29, 2007 | 11:05

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In a public speech given to various important and well-to-do business types, the Chief of the British Armed Forces, General Staff Sit Richard Dannat, has praised the modern of generation of gamers and said that they make excellent soldiers and that many of the soldiers currently serving in Iraq are fervent gamers.

"There was a time when commentators and some more experienced members of the Army expressed concern as to whether the 'PlayStation generation' were up to dealing with the gritty bloody conflict," Said Dannat.

"However, our young soldiers, drawn from across British society, are more than a match for what is required of them and I salute every one of them."

Not everyone in the UK is as proud of the 'PlayStation Generation' though, as Joystiq point out. Sir Dannat's comments come just a few weeks after football manager Harry Redknapp said that videogames were stifling and destroying any hopes the UK had of establishing any new athletic talent.

Pfft, shows what he knows - has he never heard of the Wii diet?

What do you reckon? Are computer games causing us to all get even flabbier, or would we all be lazy even without the games? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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