British Game Republic Academy launched

Written by Joe Martin

July 12, 2007 | 19:16

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The UK may not be the biggest, baddest or fastest country in the world - but when we do get where we want to be, at least we get there in style!

After a lot of whinging from UK developers and the sad news that Britain had fallen in the international games development charts, the UKs first official games academy has been launched.

Formed from departments at Bradford, Hull and Sheffield Hallam Universities, the academy will be officially titled the 'Game Republic Academy', though what makes them a republic isn't clarified at all.

Reportedly, the academy will be supported by three major UK developers; Rockstar UK, Team17 and Sumo Digital. The trio of developers will support students by providing them with work and experience during the summer months and allotting them studio space in their final years in which they will create finished games.

There is also a range of scholarships available to students who show potential, which will be funded by local government and the aforementioned developers.

Oh, and while we're talking about University, why not pop into the forums and pass your congratulations on to forum member AntiHero, who recently got into University too. Well done indeed!

Think corporations should stay out of education and that students should do more than sit around eating Pot Noodles and scratching themselves, or is this games academy A Good Idea? Let us know what you think in the discussion page.
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