Call of Juarez Gunslinger teaser trailer released

Written by Edward Chester

March 7, 2013 | 18:47

Companies: #ubisoft

Ubisoft has just unveiled a new teaser trailer for Call of Juarez Gunslinger, the latest instalment in its line of western-themed shooters.

Centred around a new protagonist, Silas Greaves, the trailer doesn't give much away yet, with no gameplay footage included. Indeed, the main purpose of this trailer is to announce that a gameplay trailer will be coming along next week.

But, the somewhat clichéd gruff voiceover does suggest a more considered and thoughtful game may be on the cards. Then again, other details about the game, such as that there will be encounters with outlaw legends such as Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett and Jesse James, say otherwise.

Interestingly the supported platforms are named as PC, Xbox and XBLA, which suggest CAll of Juarez Gunslinger may be a smaller scale adventure, though judging from the trailer footage it'll still be a fairly nice looking one.

Due out in Q1 2013, there won't be long to wait to see exactly what the new game is all about.

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