Capcom not giving up on PSP

Written by Joe Martin

August 18, 2008 | 11:26

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Contrary to rumours that the developer is abandoning the PSP platform, Capcom is claiming 100 percent commitment to Sony's media player and portable console.

Capcom's business development executive Christian Svensson has frankly and resolutely refuted all rumours that it is abandoning the PSP platform, which many see to have completely lost the battle in the handheld console wars to Nintendo's DS lite, claiming that it would be foolish to abandon a platform they still see as successful and viable.

The comments came over the Capcom-unity blog after several readers voiced a concern that the developer was abandoning the console to focus its efforts elsewhere.

"We may be the most successful PSP publisher in the world with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and 2ndG. It'd be a difficult decision to defend stopping development when we have such success on the platform."

"We're still making new PSP games,"Svensson added.

Sony meanwhile has been pushing the PSP as more of a general purpose device rather than just a games console, announcing new camera and GPS utilities for the PlayStation Portable, as well as the new Go!View facility which has been launched in partnership with Sky.

What do you think of the PSP? Is it an under-rated performer or a dead duck waiting to sink? Let us know what you reckon in the forums.
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