Capcom include IGN watermark on Okami cover

Written by Joe Martin

April 21, 2008 | 10:25

Tags: #cover #funny #mistake #watermark #wii

Companies: #box #ign #nintendo

Computer games can take an awful lot of time and effort to create - years of work for hundreds of people, so can we really begrudge someone cutting a few corners?

In the case of Capcom's Wii version of Okami, we most certainly can - surely there has to be one person as every game developer and publisher who has the job of checking for errors on the packaging and in the manual? Apparently not.

The much-anticipated Wii port of Capcom's Okami has been, like most ports, the subject of much scrutiny from Capcom fans who wanted to see the game faithfully re-created on the Wii - but what nobody noticed until yesterday though was that the cover art for the game came with a IGN watermark still included!

The logo has apparently made it all the way through the games development, only being spotted after release by NEOgaf members.

Granted, the logo is a little hard to spot as it is a case of a white logo on a white background, but it is there and was apparently nabbed from IGN's Okami page.

That or the wolf in question has developed a taste for games reviewer - tell us what you think while we retreat to a safer location.
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