Christmas arrives in Azeroth

Written by Wil Harris

December 16, 2005 | 19:31

Tags: #azeroth #world-of-warcraft

Companies: #blizzard #christmas

The guys at Blizzard have taken down the servers on World of Warcraft for a quick period today and inserted some funky new Christmas content.

Now back up and online, you can head into the game and see for yourself the cool content that's available. WoW Insider has all the details on what's going down.

There's a new quest which allows you to go and find a lost reindeer for the in-game version of Santa, Grandfather Winter. Completing the quest gives you the option of having a reindeer mount to ride around on, which is rather novel.

There's a big stand of Christmas stuff outside the gates to both Ogrimmar and Ironforge, allowing for festive fun regardless of which side you're on. There is some snowball throwing fun to be had, as well as transformers that temporarily turn you into a Christmas elf.

I won't be heading in to enjoy the fun, since I'm still trying to curb my WoW addition - I came dangerously close to hitting relapse a couple of weeks ago. But that's no reason for you guys to restrain your selves. Why not drop by the News Forum when you've had a quick play with the festive goodness and let us know what you think of it all?
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