Class action lawsuit filed against Xbox 360

Written by Joe Martin

July 10, 2007 | 12:36

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For some people even the best of news isn't enough and the new extended warranty which Microsoft is offering on all Xbox 360s just isn't enough to placate some furious Xbox 360 owners who have bought a class action lawsuit against Microsoft.

Interestingly though, the inevitable lawsuit doesn't have anything to do with high failure rates or the dreaded 'red ring of death' which has caused so many problems for technicians. Instead, the lawsuit is about scratched disks.

The lawsuit, reportedly filed by a resident of Florida, alleges that the plaintiffs;

"...have been damaged in that their game discs were destroyed by the Xbox 360 during reasonable, foreseeable, normal, and intended use. The Xbox 360 was negligently designed and manufactured in that the Console's laser disc reading assembly contacts and scratches the video game discs during normal and intended operation and use."

Sounds fair enough really.

The lawyers are apparently trying to claim about $5 million as a result of the damage, which is nothing to a company like Microsoft who has already pledged $1 billion to try and fix the problem of high failure rates in the Xbox 360. Of course, if the plaintiff is successful then the case could set a dangerous precedent if others are quick to make similar claims.

For those who can read large amounts of legalese without suffering from crippling boredom, Joystiq is currently hosting the relevant pages of legal documentation.

Had problems with scratched disks in your 360? Want to sit around the campfire and tell stories about haunted disk drives or swap tips on how to repair discs (we hear Brasso works well)? We do that kind of thing in the forums.
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