Call Of Duty 2 demo released

Written by Tim Smalley

September 27, 2005 | 11:41

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It seems that Infinity Wards have gone ahead and released the Call of Duty 2 demo over night in an attempt to steal some of the thunder from last night's Day Of Defeat launch.

We had a detailed look at the new-look maps, the new features and we showed the differences between how the newly released DoD: Source looks in comparison to the Half-Life powered Day Of Defeat Classic yesterday morning. You can find that article here.

Meanwhile, Call Of Duty was arguably one of the best World War II games ever to be released and we're expecting Call Of Duty 2 to be just as good, if not better with its updated graphics engine. We're also expecting the game play to be even more immersive than the original, too.

Pop over to one of the mirrors listed below and let us know what your first impressions of the new WWII shooter are in the usual place. The demo is 670MB in size, so it is one for broadband users only.

We're expecting the full game to be released on the 25th October. Personally, as a fan of the original, I can't wait that long - I'll be feverishly playing the demo when I should be doing other, more important things.

Download Mirrors:
Action Trip
Extreme Players
FileRush (.torrent)
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