Croteam announce Talos Principle 2 on the down-low

Written by Jake Tucker

May 20, 2016 | 22:39

Tags: #fps #puzzle

Companies: #croteam

Did you play The Talos Principle? Me neither, but a great many people said it was great and our lad Rick gave it 80%. If you are one of the few who played it, good news: there's a sequel on the way.

Croteam's Alen Ladavac confirmed a sequel was on the way during a talk at Nordic Game conference this morning, and that's it. A simple sentence: "Talos Principle 2 is going to happen" he confirmed this morning when questioned.

The Talos Principle snuck out in December 2014 and got a bit lost in the usual December noise and office drinks, you know the ones, the one you hate where Steve talks about the Christmas bonus forever. God, I hate Steve.

Rock Paper Shotgun picked up on the announcement, but it's quite a messy tale of affairs. A chap, Damir Đurović, saw Ladavac's Talos Principle talk at Nordic Games today and tweeted Ladavac's sly mention of a sequel out. He tweeted about it, Croteam retweeted it and well... that makes it official right?

Croteam have been keeping themselves busy working on Serious Sam 4, so it'll probably be after that, but that's good because it'll just give me time to complete the original.

Did you play the original? Let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments, won't you?

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