A PC version of the upcoming Crysis 2, which was scheduled for release on March 22nd, has allegedly been leaked online according to reports from RPS and Facepunch.

Forum reports confirm that torrents of Crysis 2 are now 'all over pirate bay'.

We haven't downloaded files to check for ourselves because, as readers have already pointed out, that would only damage the future prospects of the game, especially on the PC platform. Besides; a demo is on the way.

The illegal build of Crysis 2 allegedly contains the full PC game, as well as full multiplayer functionality and has been leaked a full 49 days ahead of release.

Most worrying of all, the leak apparently contains the SolidShield master key for online authentication, potentially creating an even larger security problem for Crytek and Electronic Arts.

The leak is also said to contain the CryEngine 3 editor and is being labelled as a developer build, rather than review or final gold code.

In the light of this news, it's likely worth restating bit-gamer's position on discussion of piracy, namely that linking to or asking for illegal downloads will result in bans from the forum. Similarly, anyone offering advice on how to pirate games or seen to be inciting or encouraging piracy will be banned from the bit-gamer forums.

You can read our Crysis 2 preview for more information on the game, as well as let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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