Crysis going cardboard

Written by David Hing

October 19, 2012 | 08:18

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Infamous PC hardware punisher Crysis is branching out away from its graphics card melting reputation with its own board game.

Crysis Analogue Edition will attempt to recreate Crysis' multiplayer modes and will focus around using the abilities of the super-human ability-conferring nanosuit featured in the games to gain a strategic advantage over opponents.

Exactly how adversarial or co-operative the game will be is uncertain, as the announcement also suggests players will need to employ tactical teamwork to in their actions.

The game is being developed by German board game company Queen Games whose catalogue also includes Shogun, Chicago Express, Urbanisation and Kingdom Builder. It is expected to release in March 2013.

The March 2013 release will mean the game comes out a month after the third instalment in the Crysis video game series is due to be released. Crytek has suggested that Crysis 3 will restore the series reputation for taxing PC gaming rigs after Crysis 2 was accused of heading in a more console-oriented direction.

Crysis joins a long list of video games that have made the jump over to their pen and paper ancestors. In a similar science fiction shooter vein, Fantasy Flight Games have previously produced board games based on the Doom and Gears of War franchises.

A more obvious choice to receive the board game title was Civilization, also published by Fantasy Flight, and bizarrely MMO World of Warcraft returned to its roots by spawning a pen and paper RPG system.
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