Crysis DX9 and DX10 Comparison

Written by Brett Thomas

May 26, 2007 | 17:27

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If you've been anxious to see the difference between DirectX 9 and DirectX 10, we don't really blame you. The tech demos have been great, but they don't really show us what is "live" least not in a way we can double-check. But now, there are some videos of some real-world differences in Crysis.

Two HD videos were released from the guys over at Crytek, illustrating two different areas of actual gameplay inside the hotly anticipated title. Each of these videos has two versions in it - the DX9 version and the DX10 version, so you can make an easy comparison.

The differences aren't exactly a reason to buy the game, or Vista for that matter. The DX9 code path is still one of the most attractive games I've seen - but DX10 does have quite a few improvements. You can really see the particle effects and volumetric lighting, providing an almost cinematic experience to the DX10 version. In comparison, the DX9 version looks like you're playing with the gamma cranked and detail way down.

Each video is only about 50MB, so there's little reason not to grab them. If you'd like to take a look yourself, here are the links:

Alternate bit-tech mirrors for video files:

After you get a gander, feel free to shoot into our forums and tell us your thoughts.
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