Crytek loves PC, hates consoles

Written by Joe Martin

November 21, 2007 | 09:38

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Damn it industry figureheads, when will you make up your damn minds?! Just yesterday Nvidia and Intel were declaring that the future of PC gaming may have problems and now today, Crytek is saying that PCs are far superior to console systems for gaming.

Speaking to recently, Michael Khaimzon, the art director for Crysis, has said that he thinks consoles are far inferior to standard PCs.

"My opinion on them in comparison to the PC is that I think the PC is always better...You cannot create characters on a console - you can't run a 3D programme from one, as far as I know. You can't play certain strategy games on a console well, like Total Annihilation for example, or at least I haven't seen one, I think it's limiting to certain types of games." he said.

Khamizon says that the compatibility and pricing issues that many gamers say dissuade them from PC gaming aren't something he is really concerned with either.

"Nobody forces you to upgrade your PC. You can take Crysis and play it on a medium-spec machine and it will still run, even on an older machine."

"If people think there are games that are worth buying a USD 500 video card for, then they should go ahead and buy it and enjoy games of that quality - but they can still enjoy games at a lower quality as well," he explained.

Hmmm - our review would leave us to doubt that a little bit, I think. It's odd for someone from Crytek to say that too, given that the suggested specs for Crysis are so high.

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