Curiosity finishes and prize revealed

Written by David Hing

May 28, 2013 | 08:59

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Mobile experimental game Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? has come to an end and the 'life changing' prize at the centre of the cube has been revealed.

Developer Peter Molyneux explained the prize in a video in which he resembles a diminutive version of the Matrix's architect. The winner now has the ability to become the digital god of 22 Cans' next title, Godus.

The winner of Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? will be able to influence Godus and change the way it plays for everyone else. Not only this, but they will also receive a cut of the revenue that the game makes.

'You will have fame, you will have fortune, and you will have the power to introduce morals into a game,' said Molyneux in the explanatory video.

The winner of Curiosity has been identified as Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh. He was contacted by 22 Cans upon opening the box and given the option of keeping the prize a secret or sharing it with the world.

'This idea of allowing one human being to be the god of an entire game genre came to us many years ago,' said Molyneux. 'Only now, when we're all connected we have the power to do it. I hope the world agrees with me that it's a worthy prize.'

Curiosity: What's inside the cube? launched on November 6 and initially included approximately 69 billion cublets for players to chip away. At launch, the experiment was highly unstable and suffered from serious server issues, possibly due to the fact that Apple released it on the App Store a day ahead of 22 Cans' original schedule.

22 Cans' next game, Godus, completed a round of Kickstarter funding in December. It will be a god-game along the lines of Molyneux's seminal 1989 title, Populous.
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