Dark Souls 2 revealed

Written by David Hing

December 11, 2012 | 10:02

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A sequel to From Software's punishing action-RPG Dark Souls has been officially announced.

Dark Souls 2 was revealed during the Video Game Awards with a teaser trailer that gave little away. The title will be avialable on Playsation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC and o official release date has been announced.

In a slightly worrying comment made to Edge, directors Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura are hoping to make the title more approachable, straightforward and understandable.

'The entire development team is striving to make Dark Souls II an experience that is fresh while not forsaking its roots in presenting players with challenging gameplay. Our goal is to surprise and delight our fans with new experiences and plot twists while enticing new players to join our dark journey,' said Shibuya.

The sequel will feature a new hero, a new storyline and a new world for players to explore. It will also be revamping the particular asynchronous multiplayer featured by the previous titles in the series in some way.

Dark Souls was released last year to a great critical reception and migrated over to the PC this year. It was the follow up to 2009's Demon's Souls. Dark Souls 2 will be the first title in the series not headed up by creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, although he will remain in a supervisory role.
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