Details on the new PS3 SKU

Written by Joe Martin

October 2, 2007 | 10:37

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Sony recently made a new FCC filing for the new rumoured PlayStation 3 model, lending weight to the idea that Sony is on the verge of bringing out a scaled down version of the console with a 40GB hard drive and a price point of $399.99.

Still, until now that was all anybody knew about the new console which we'd expect to be out in time for Christmas. Thankfully, the (fan) boys over on PS3Forums have been going over the available technical diagrams and have come back with some more technical details.

So, what do we know?

First off, the new SKU will draw less current than previous versions and is rated at 3A, down from the 3.2A of previous PS3s. The Bluetooth capabilities are unchanged, but the antenna gain is "increased on Antenna1 from 0.21dBi (max) in the original 60Gb, up to 3.83dBi (max) in the new SKU. Antenna2 also sees an increase, from 4.13dBi (max) up to 4,92 dBi (max)."

"WLAN is still 802.11b/g, however there is a difference in Antenna gain too. ANT0 is now 0.69dBi from 0.10dBi previously, and ANT1 is now -0.26dBi from 0.91dBi."

Apparently the controller is the original SixAxis version too, not the enhanced Dual Shock 3.

So, this looks like it may be Sony's effort at a budget PS3. Unfortunately, as Neogumbercules' poll recently showed, over 70 per cent of bit-tech readers will still resist buying a budget PS3 until some good games come out - is that how you all still feel? Let us know your new and improved opinions in the forums.
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