Diablo 3 unchanged after Art Director quits

Written by Joe Martin

August 8, 2008 | 12:28

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A Blizzard representative has officially spoken out, confirming rumours that Brian Morrisroe, Art Director for Diablo 3, has resigned from the company.

Talking to gaming blog Kotaku about why Brian resigned, it was made clear that it was in no part a reaction to or a result of the negative fan reaction to the look of the game - which many consider to be a bit to bright and pretty.

Instead, it appears that Brian has left to form a new company and that his departure will not effect the development of Diablo 3 in the slightest, nor will the art style or presentation of the game be changed as a result of his resignation.

Rumours of trouble in the company first started circulating when Blizzard began advertising that the company needed a new Art Director and were inviting candidates to come forward.

"Brian recently resigned to form a startup company "outside the game industry", which is why we posted about the open position," said a Blizzard rep.

"That change won't impact the game...we're really pleased with the look and feel that Brian helped create for Diablo III, and the new person we bring aboard will work with other artists on the team to maintain the art style moving forward."

So, anyone in the forums think they'd be up to the task? What do you reckon to Diablo 3's new look? Let us know in the forums.
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