Doom movie will get a sequel

Written by Wil Harris

October 19, 2005 | 13:27

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Rumours are flying around about the possibility of a sequel to the Doom movie, which isn't even released yet. It seems that the cast and the directors are psyched up to do it all over again.

Rosamund Pike, who plays one of the scientists in the film, has said she's already signed on for the sequel - and that she hopes to get a gun. The Rock says "It's possible", according to the chaps at Eurogamer, who have this to say:

"The film, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak working off a Dave Callaham script, has yet to be reviewed very widely, but IGN FilmForce claims that it's the best videogame adaptation yet - arguing that the action (including a fairly direct homage to the game) is more important than the story and acting, which aren't exactly brilliant. We're not exactly sure why they kept the Mars setting but decided to go with evil mutant monsters, either. Hell's been frozen out, never mind over."

The Producer on the film suggests, meanwhile, that the movie ends on a surprise that leaves it open for the possibility of a sequel.

The film is out this Friday int he US, and December 2 in the UK.

How do you think the film is going to do? Would you go and see the first one, yet alone a sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the News Forum.

Bootnote: the still above shows John Grimm using his flashlight and gun at the same time. How unrealistic!
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