Doom recompiled for Doom 3

Written by Wil Harris

May 27, 2005 | 13:12

Tags: #doom #doom-3 #hack #id

Companies: #id-software #mod

Never mind case modding, what about game modding? One inventive Doom enthusiast has compiled a version of classic Doom to run as a sub-game within Doom3.

Doom3 players will remember the arcade machine, featuring Super Turkey Punch-out, or whatever the heck it was, in the initial level of the game. This mod for Doom3 takes the concept a stage further, by using that kind of arcade machine to play another fully-developed game.

The creator calls the concept 'interactive surfaces', and claims that it shows a technology demo of a different way of relating to mechanisms within games.

With this technology, it's claimed, gameplay innovation can be offered by allowing such interactive surfaces to feed back directly into the main game world.

Using patch 1.3 for Doom3 and the original demo of Doom, the mod can be installed under Linux or Windows. It's certainly worth a look, especially if - like us - Doom3 has being sitting on your hard drive, unplayed since the mind-numbing tediousness zapped your will to live about half-way through the game.

The mod can be had from here, and you can give us your thoughts on the mod in the forums.
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