Dreamcast 2 rumours trashed

Written by Joe Martin

December 10, 2007 | 10:29

Tags: #dreamcast #patent #rumour

Companies: #sega

Everyone got all excited a few days ago when it emerged that Sega had created a new patent for a device which may, or may not, have been the Dreamcast 2.

Well, I'm afraid it's time to wake up now. Sega has confirmed that it is not working on the Dreamcast 2 and that the patent was filed only to protect the copyright of a possible future console.

When asked for an official comment on the patent and the possibility of a Dreamcast 2, Sega of America PR Director Charlie Scibetta had the following to say to GameDaily:

"We're very happy being a platform agnostic company and have moved up the ranks the past three years from #11, to #9, and now stand at #6 in terms of our market share by units among third-party publishers. We like our current strategy and have no plans to change in the middle of this outstanding growth."

Gee, there's nothing like having a little bit of PR spin with your disappointment is there?

Scibetta promised to look into why the patent had been filed, but was adamant that there are no current plans to create the Dreamcast 2. Are you feeling as let down as we are? Share your woe on the forums!
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