DriveClub developer considers giving compensation for server issues

Written by David Hing

October 14, 2014 | 11:01

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Companies: #evolution-studios

A senior developer of DriveClub is considering giving compensation to early players of the game that have been hit by server issues following its launch.

Evolution Studios director Paul Rutchynsky has stated that the online issues that the game is experiencing has nothing to do with server capacity but is down to bugs in the server code, something the developers are responsible for.

Rutchynsky has taken to Twitter to apologise to players for server difficulties and has tried to explain the server issues that the title is suffering from. When asked if Evolution would be giving anything to affected players, Rutschynsky replied by saying ’we’re considering all our options right now.’

The studio carried out performance testing before the game launched and as a result was confident that DriveClub would not have the issues that it has now. Earlier this week, the servers did receive an update, but it did not clear up the problems.

At present, whilst the offline modes are unaffected many of the online and social challanges are still offline and it is these parts of the game that have been highlighted as making DriveClub special as a racing game. Fans on Twitter have mentioned that the game feels ’pointless’ to play without the online integration.

As a result of the server issues, the digital Playstation Plus release of the game has been delayed until everything is fixed. Originally, this was meant to launch alongside the physical edition of the game on October 7.

DriveClub was originally intended to be a Playstation 4 launch title that got initially delayed to March 2014 and then pushed back further to an October 2014 release. The game has launched to a relatively positive critical reception with many outlets highlighting frustrating AI drivers.
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