Duke Nukem film in the works

Written by Joe Martin

September 9, 2008 | 11:00

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There's been a spate of classic computer games making the move to the big screen recently, ranging from Doom and Hitman through to Silent Hill and it appears that there are more on the way - and we aren't talking about the BioShock movie for once.

According to comments made by Scott Faye, who is currently working as a producer for the Max Payne movie adaptation, there is also a Duke Nukem movie in production over in Hollywood.

"I'm working diligently at making a Duke Nukem movie scenario that will live up to the character and its import in the videogame world," said Scott in a comment to the press. Sounds like maybe Scott doesn't understand that gamers love Duke precisely because he isn't serious or important.

Faye's company Depth Entertainment currently has a series of production deals in place with the Radar Group, which is owned by Duke Creator and ex-3D Realms-er Scott Miller. The pair are apparently working on a series of "new cross-media franchises that are being designed from the ground up as games and films."

As if that didn't show his eagerness though, Faye is also linked to the production of the American McGee's Alice film, though the project has suffered setbacks now that Sarah Michelle Gellar has left the project despite long-term involvement.

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