EA to face class action lawsuit over Spore DRM

Written by Joe Martin

September 26, 2008 | 10:30

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EA is to face a class action lawsuit apparently, after plaintiffs have emerged who allege that the SecuROM copy protection used in Spore breaches consumer law.

The copy protection system used in Spore is one of many games lately using the SecuROM DRM system, with others including EA's Mass Effect and Take Two's BioShock on the PC. EA has also confirmed that it will be using the system in Red Alert 3.

Though Spore only allowed itself to be installed on three PCs and to be linked to a single account, EA has since pledged to loosen the restrictions. This hasn't proved to be enough to placate some gamers however who object to the extra software being present on the disc, or who have had issues with DRM solution.

Now though, according to Gamespot, plaintiffs are alleging that the DRM system used in Spore puts the game in breach of consumer law. The complaint, which has been filed at the class-action level, seeks damaged for trespass, interference and unfair competition.

The case also seeks disgorgement of unjust profits and claims that SecuROM is "secretly installed to the command and control center of the computer (Ring 0, or the Kernel), and surreptitiously operated, overseeing function and operation on the computer, preventing the computer from operating under certain circumstances and/or disrupting hardware operations."

Electronic Arts has responded only that "We do not comment on matters of pending litigation."

If you still haven't checked out Spore then make sure you check out our full Spore review and analysis before heading to the forums and letting us know what you think of DRM.
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