EA drops weapon charges for Bad Company

Written by Joe Martin

April 10, 2008 | 09:41

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Electronic Arts and DICE have reversed the decision to charge players cash for certain weapons in the upcoming console shooter Battlefield: Bad Company as a result of community pressure.

Bad Company had originally been planned as having pay-to-play weaponry as a major feature, with access to extra weapons going to those who bought a Gold Edition of the game or who bought extra weapons in the form of downloadable content. After huge pressure from fans and potential customers however, those plans have been scrapped.

DICE senior producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson clarified the new nature of the weapons system with IGN, saying that all players will now be able to access the premium weapons at no extra cost.

"All guns are available to everyone. However, we want to give some exclusivity to those who buy the Gold Edition. They will get the five Gold Edition weapons from Day One when they put the disc in. People that don't buy the Gold Edition can get the five additional weapons by getting to the final rank in the game."

An extra five weapons will then be made available to players through marketing promotions given out by EA - apparently 'tell us what you think of the game, get a gun' surveys.

"It's really important for us to get across that we do listen to what people say out there. We don't have time to run around and comment on everything but we do listen to what people say out in the community. It's really important feedback and that's why we make changes like this," said Troedsson.

So, give yourselves a big ol' pat on the back! You've changed the face of a game! Let us know what your new opinions are in the forums and check out our hands-on beta impressions of Battlefield: Bad Company for more info about the game.
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