EA reveals free game, Battlefield Heroes

Written by Joe Martin

January 22, 2008 | 10:26

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EA has today announced that it will be releasing a free-to-play game in the Battlefield series later this year, titled Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Heroes will be a radical departure from the norm for both Electronic Arts and the Battlefield Franchise, most obviously because it will drop the serious and realistic presentation of previous games in favour of a more Team Fortress 2 inspired look, complete with cel-shaded characters.

The game will be offered as a completely free download and will be available to fans in summer of this year.

EA will still make money from the game however, mainly through in-game advertising and microtransactions. While the advertising bit is fairly predictable and sounds like a fair ol' cop, the microtransactions part of the game hasn't yet been elaborated on and our initial reaction is cynicism.

"People want to play games in new ways, with easier access that is quick to the fun. With Battlefield Heroes, EA brings its first major franchise to North America and Europe with a new distribution model and pricing structure adapted to the evolving way that people play," said Gerhard Florin, EVP Publishing Americas-Europe at EA in a public statement.

What do you think to the idea of in-game advertising in free and retail games? Will you be picking up a copy of Battlefield Heroes or will you let is pass you by? Let us know in the forums.
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