Epic won't make a PS3 UT3 demo

Written by Joe Martin

August 28, 2007 | 13:36

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Unreal Tournament is a great series, is it not? I spent many, many hours of my first year at University playing the games over and over - jumping around with a flak cannon was an excellent way to avoid going to lectures.

However, good games are hard to make and UT3 is no exception. Even though Epic has got someone else to do all the physics (sorry, Physx), it's still taking a long time to make the game. The plus side of all that hard work is a game which will hopefully pull us all back into multiplayer gaming bliss. The down side is that there won't be a PS3 demo of the game before hand.

Yeah, as a PC gamer I didn't think that new was all that bad either.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Mark Rein, the head honcho of Epic, let slip that there won't be a console demo of the game and managed to show how cool Epic is at the same time.

"What we told Microsoft last year — they wanted a demo for Gears of War and we said 'you've got a choice — you can have the demo this year or the game this year'... We're not a big huge company with the resources to do that, and all the time we're testing that demo we're not testing our full game, which we need to be doing constantly... We'll have a PC demo for UT, [but] I don't think we'll have a PS3 demo before the game ships."

I tell you, that Mark Rein guy is so cool; not only did he tell Microsoft to get lost with all those crazy 'demo' ideas, now he's telling it to Sony too. What a guy!

As Kotaku points out though, it begs the question; if Epic can't manage to churn out one demo level for a game which has been in production as long as UT3, how could it possibly ever handle Unreal Engine developer support for other companies?

If you know the answer, or just want to rub your PC demo in the face of all those PS3 owners then let us know in the forums.
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