Episodic Siren game coming to PS3

Written by Joe Martin

May 7, 2008 | 11:28

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Sony has announced that it's new Siren game will be released online on the PlayStation 3 in an episodic format, starting this summer. The game, which is being titled Siren: Blood Curse, was first announced at Sony's PlayStation Day event in London.

The game will apparently be available only over PlayStation Network and will consist of twelve seperate episodes which Sony says will be released in a 'TV-style' after short intervals.

Siren: Blood Curse itself will be set in the Japanese village of Hanuda and tells the story of a TV crew researching a 'vanishing village' where human sacrifice was once practiced, according to Eurogamer.

Sony has said that the game will involve uncovering the secrets of the village, battling the living dead and saving survivors from the ghouls which get unleashed. Wow, there's a big surprise.

Siren: Blood Curse will use the same sight-jack system as other Siren games in the past, allowing players to see the action from the point of view of their enemies.

In Japan the game is apparently being released as Siren: New Translation.

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