EVE Online to get huge expansion

Written by Joe Martin

November 10, 2008 | 11:58

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EVE Online, usually held to be the largest and most maddeningly complex of all the popular MMOs, is getting a massive new expansion according to developer CCP.

CCP made the announcement on the last day of the EVE Online fanfest and said that the new expansion will be released on March 10th next year.

The new expansion is currently untitled but will be adding in a slew of new features and updates, including Tech 3 modular ship designs, new branching mission structures and the ability to travel into uncharted space via unstable wormholes. The whole expansion will be focused on exploration according to Eurogamer, allowing players to use new skills and modules to explore all new areas.

The expansion will also add new space phenomena, resources and items which will build towards the new Tech 3 technology level.

As part of an effort to bring new players to the game too, CCP will be publishing EVE Online in a new boxed retail copy that will include all previous expansions. The boxed edition is going to be published by Atari.

CCP is also working to streamline the game experience, enabling new players to get up and into space a lot quicker and define their character in the first few days of play.

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