Extra Credits fans pay for artist's surgery

Written by David Hing

July 1, 2011 | 11:47

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Fans and followers of gaming web show Extra Credits donated over $25,000 in less than six hours to cover the costs of surgery for the show's artist, Allison Theus.

After it became clear that shoulder surgery for artist Allison would not be covered by her insurance, as it was considered a pre-existing condition, a donation page over at RocketHub was set up by writer and designer James Portnow. The response has astounded the Extra Credits team.

The project was started on 29 June with the modest goal of reaching $15,000 over 60 days. However, the initial estimate of $15,000 was, according to doctors, too low and the amount needed including physical therapy would come closer to $25,000-30,000. '

The total raised now stands at over $62,000, and the team is trying to think of ways to use the overflow. So far suggestions include funding a game chosen by the community, a fan get-together or a donation to Child's Play.

Donations are also being rewarded with prizes, including access to a special episode of the show, t-shirts and Escapist publisher club membership. What's more, for a donation of $5,000 or more, James Portnow pledged to fly out for a week to help design a game, give a lecture at a school or anything else within reason. Two people have so far donated over $5,000.

Yesterday at 6pm this would have made me weep. Now: COVERED,' said Portnow over Twitter, before adding: 'You guys are amazing. I really don't know how to express it..'

Extra Credits runs every Thursday on The Escapist, and takes an academic look at games and the games industry as a whole.

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