Fable Legends beta opens doors to applicants

Written by David Hing

October 13, 2014 | 12:22

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Lionhead and Microsoft are opening up applications for the beta of Fable Legends.

A closed beta test of the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer RPG is set to start on October 16. Signing up to the beta requires you to log in with your Xbox Live profile, to verify an email address and assent to a non-disclosure agreement.

Fable Legends will allow four players to control customizable heroes whilst a fifth acts a bit like a traditional RPG’s GM by controlling monsters and traps in the world that the heroes face. AI will control any of these characters if they are absent, meaning the game will always have these five characters.

The game is set 400 years prior to the original Fable and before the founding of the Heroes’ Guild. Fable Legends is expected to launch in 2015, although no official launch date has been announced.

Additional features expected in Fable Legends include SmartGlass integration that allows villain players to plan their moves and the game is expected to last for 5-10 years with the additional content that’s planned.

The original Fable was released in 2004 with the latest entry in the series, Fable: The Journey, being released in 2012. An anniversary edition of Fable: The Lost Chapters was also released in 2014 for both Xbox 360 and PC.
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