Fallout 3 outsells all previous Fallout games

Written by Joe Martin

November 4, 2008 | 13:02

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Fallout 3 is doing pretty well for itself it seems. According to recent sales figures from GfK Chart-Track Bethesda's foray into the post-nuclear genre has sold almost 60 percent faster than the studios last title, Oblivion.

What's more, Fallout 3 is currently topping the sales charts on all platforms it was released on and has outsold all of the previous Fallout games combined, including the lack-lustre spin-offs Brotherhood of Steel and Fallout Tactics.

According to sales figures around 55 percent of those sales were done on the Xbox 360, 28 percent were done on the PlayStation 3 and only 17 percent on the PC. Looks like Bethesda was right to aim the game at the Xbox 360 then, from a financial point of view anyway.

Fallout 3 managed to top the All Formats chart too, knocking Fable 2 from the top-spot and resisting the rising successes of FIFA '09 and Wii Fit despite the fact that Wii Fit was enjoy a week of phenomenal sales, again.

Fallout 3 casts players as an adventurer in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, searching for their father while staving off super mutants and trying to survive amid the ruins of Washington DC.

You can check out our full Fallout 3 review for more information on the game, or just let us know what you think in the forums.
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