Fallout 3 isn't funny

Written by Joe Martin

August 17, 2007 | 17:56

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The Fallout games have always been laced with easter eggs and in-jokes. Whether it's randomly finding the Guardian of Forever in the middle of the desert, or asking the cook at a post-apocalypse cafe if she has anything with a 'little less rat in it', one thing Fallout was always good for was giving a lot of chuckle amid the violence.

Well, not anymore.

Bethesda recently bought the rights to the Fallout 3 singleplayer game (but not the MMO rights) and wants to make it clear that Fallout 3 is not a laughing matter. It's an adult game, for adults with a mature sense of humour.

"There are some people who say that making an 18-rated game, and especially making a Fallout one, should be about sleeping with the hooker, then waking up with the venereal disease. A lot of that stuff personally, to me, veers into being a 12-year old dungeon master. Some of it feels right and some of it feels wrong. We're appealing to an adult audience and it's a tough call. I mean, once you have groin shots you're approaching a level of silliness that, if you're not careful, can pervade the whole game." Lead designer, Emil Pagliarulo told Kotaku.

Ok, so shooting somebody in the groin is ok, but fart jokes aren't allowed? Sure, fine, whatever - just hurry up and make Fallout 3 dammit!

We still reckon there'll be a degree of humour creeping into the game, which is set for release in Q4 2008 on PC, PS3 and 360, and if anything then it's good to know that Fallout 3 is being taken seriously.

What's your favourite game easter egg? What do you think of Bethesda's take on Fallout 3? Let us know in the forums.
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